your neighborhood auto repair shop since 1946


Bobb Howard's Community Service Station was opened on October 12th, 1946

by Eileen's parents, Gert and Sam.

The neighborhood developed around the station, with people flocking to the suburbs seeking a better quality of life.  Through much hard work, long hours, honesty and integrity, the business thrived and grew in both customer base and building size.

Thirty years later, on May 1, 1976, Eileen's husband, Ronnie, joined the family business and given the right "tools" to work with, the second generation of Bobb Howard's began...

In 1982, we converted the office into a convenience store ( one of the first on Long Island in a service station).  Thirty one years ago, Eileen decided that now that there was a mini mart on every corner, and noticing the frenetic pace of today's computerized world, it was time for a change - - time to go back to a simpler time, to have people remember what it felt like to be a "kid in a candy store" again, and go back to a time when games didn't require batteries and business was done on a handshake.  The gas pumps were removed, and she started slowly converting the fast-paced convenience store into an old-time candy and toy store where kids of all ages could come and browse and giggle with nostalgic memories...

Today, as in 1946, those old-time values continue.  As we look around us and watch other auto repair shops go in and out of business, or "change hands", we're still here on the corner of Lakeville & Bryant, striving to give our customers an "honest count" and treat them as family...

We are now servicing second, third, and even some fourth generations of families' automobiles!!!

We like to think we're doing something right after 77 years!